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New Products

Fridge Calendars 2013

We are introducing the magnetic calendars which can stick to your fridge or any Iron surface by magnetic attraction. Get non-stop advertising for repeat business!



  • Calendar with your Advertisement.
  •  With it cute size and design, be sure that your Calendar will be at your customers Fridge.
  • It will be at Fridge Not only for an year but more than that, after the year completes your same calendar acts as an DECORATIVE FRIDGE MAGNET!
  • UNIQUE!, Economical and full of Utility
  • Introduced for the 1st Time in India



Why Our Magnetic

Calendars work?


The "fridge" is in many ways a Billboard in the home or office and one of the most frequented places in the home or office. But for a Promotional magnetic to stay on the Fridge, it's got to look good and be useful..

We have designed an exciting new range of magnetic calendars, for the first time in INDIA. Our Magnetic  calendars use stunning images matched with layouts that make the calendar a useful item.

          The MFM Magnetic calendars are ideal for Trades & Services  companies, Real Estate agents and Business professionals. A very   well priced promotional marketing tool, that puts your  brand/company into daily viewing by customers.




  So what are you waiting for ? ...
  Give your Customers a Super-Cool                 Goodie     this New Year!



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