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MAGNETIC BOOKMARKSAnimated - How to put Magnetic Bookmark Magnetic Bookmarks - Proudly Made in India - Back of bookmark with magnetic Strip

We have recently launched Magnetic Bookmarks first time in India. The bookmark is folded from center and has magnetic strips pasted on ends on the bookmark.




SIZE : 2" X 4"


SIZE : 1" X 4"



SIZE : 2" X 8"



Magnetic Bookmarks -

  •         Spiritual Series
  •         Independence Day Series
  •         New 7 Wonders Series
  •         Inspirational/Motivational Quotations Series


Features and Uses -

*The bookmarks have a fleximagnet strip that that stick each other from two side of paper and hold page tightly and would not fall even if not handled carefully.
* These can be used as a Greeting Card to greet your friend on any occasion.
* A cute gift for your friend, guarenteed your friend will not throw but keep with himself for long and remember you everytime he opens his novel or any book


6 Reasons to use these bookmarks :-

Clips FIRMLY onto the page with 2 magnets.No more losing your place…or your bookmark! Reference lines by placing horizontally, or place vertically as usual.

  •             AS A GREETING CARD…

            Write your message on the inside. Your card now has a use
            as a bookmark, and your message will not be forgotten.  Choose from a VERY WIDE range of designs for every occasion.

  •             AS A GIFT…

            Lightweight to send by mail or to take abroad, Give on its own, or with a larger gift Ideal “table” gift for special occasions – a  unique item that your guests will remember. Choose one design or a variety. We’ll PERSONALIZE on the inside with   your message in a beautiful screen print.


            Your name and message will be seen and used time after   time in a variety of settings, Gimmicky, unique give-away for  exhibitions, trade shows, or for launching a new product or
            service, Lightweight and VERY effective for mail-shots. Guaranteed not to be thrown out, Inexpensive gift for  conferences, employees, volunteers, tour groups  or any organization, Laminated exterior allows for longer use   Choose the shape and size suitable for your needs

  •             AS A PAPER CLIP
  •             AS A FRIDGE MAGNET

            Your image is printed on the front and reverse as shown. On  the inside we attach two super light magnets which act to hold  the bookmark in place. The bookmark then simply folds over
            the page and doesn't fall out.



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  Spiritual Series

  Independence Day Series

  New 7 Wonders Series

 Inspirational/Motivational Quotations Series


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