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About Flexible Magnet

What is Flexible Magnet ?



Flexible Magnet Sheet is Rubber sheet which has suspended magnetic Particles in it, and thus acts as magnet and stick with each other and also on Iron and steel surface. They have a wide use in our day to day life, and have capability to make it comfortable. Unlike other magnets these are very light in weight.


Some of it applications in daily life is - We all paste beautiful posters on our wall. We stick them using Adhesive tape which in turn also spoils wall and makes it difficult to change it easily or we use nails which too leaves same results. But pasting using Flexible Magnets will save both, your time as well as the wall surface.


Another such example - It is a common problem in every house, we forget the keys after keeping it somewhere, and it is inconvenient to hang it, but Flexible Magnet Key Chains are put on your Refrigerator Door and easy to pick up.



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